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Since 2017 IKA block, a Hong Kong Blockchain developer Company developed various solutions of different complexity. Ready to enhance operational efficiency for

Innovate Your Business with Hong Kong Blockchain Technology

IKA block , a Hong Kong blockchain developer company has been helping technology startups and enterprises to build innovative solutions for the past 5 years. Learn why they approached us and how we helped them transform their business operations.

ika block smart contracts

Smart Contracts

We can help to build and distribute NFTs. Starting from smart contract development to setting up unique marketplaces and minting.



The projects we incubated are interoperable for different industries and user-case scenarios, which opens for bespoke customization.


We create and deploy metaverse gaming spaces to allow ‘play-to-earn’ games, with addition features like live game streaming, NFT minting, and crypto trading all on one platform

We collaborate with Cybavo to provide a wide range of solutions that safeguard digital assets, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve efficiency of wallet management



Pre-event services include event planning, event concept & design, budget development, vendor and sponsor sourcing. Onsite services including PR service, event logistic, onsite floor management, event staffing and post event evaluation.

We are prepared to take on any level of complexity in a blockchain project, from concept creation to final execution. The following are the most common requests we receive on a regular basis

Smart Contracts on various blockchains

ika block token swap

Token SWAP

ika block Token creation

Custom token creation (incl. NFTs)

ika block private blockchain

Explorers for private blockchain

ika block App development

iOS / Android App development

ika block Blockchain Exchange

Anonymized exchange

ika block NFT card support

NFT card support

ika block Fiat on ramp

Fiat On-Ramp Integration

ika block Wallet management tool

Multiple wallets management tool

ika block Decentralized OTC development

Decentralized OTC development

ika block Dapps development

DAPPs development

ika block Bridges development

Bridges development

Clients' Cases